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Saturn SKY Ignition Switch Recall in West Virginia

  • Saturn recalls over 700,000 vehicles for defective ignition switch, should we sign a release of liability soon after a car personal injury accident in West Virginia?
  • I used to own a Saturn SKY and was in a car accident when the I lost power a few years ago, do I have a claim?
  • Did Saturn send out to dealers an announcement telling them to modify existing keys with an insert and to tell car owners to take additional items off their key chains in West Virginia for safety?
  • How long has Saturn had knowledge of about the recalls?
  • In West Virginia, does this Saturn SKY recall impact a friend?
  • Can you sue over a recall car accident in WV?
  • Exactly why did Saturn not order dealers to install the modification on unsold 2007 Saturn SKYs or caution new buyers of a complications with the ignition switch in West Virginia?
  • When did NHTSA discover of the problems with the Saturn SKY?
  • It said the switch systems did not meet its standards and could move out of the locked position?
  • Do we have to wait for an additional death before Saturn is again forced to do something about something so life-threatening in West Virginia?
  • Is the Saturn ignition switch defect actually causing the air bags not going off due to the fact that of a heavy keychain in West Virginia?