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Saturn SKY Ignition Switch Recall in Rhode Island

  • I used to own a 2007 Saturn SKY and was in a crash when the I lost power a few years ago, do I have a lawsuit?
  • How much time has Saturn had knowledge of about the recalls?
  • Do we have to wait for another death before Saturn is again required to do something about something so dangerous in RI?
  • Just why did Saturn not order car dealerships to install the modification on unsold SKY convertibles or warn buyers of a complications with the ignition switch in Rhode Island?
  • How is it feasible that Saturn duplicated the problem in tests, but chose not to recall the ignition switch?
  • How hazardous is not repairing your 2007 Saturn SKY near Rhode Island?
  • Is the Saturn ignition switch defect definitely resulting in the air bags not blowing up because of a heavy keychain in Rhode Island?
  • Why did Saturn not make this public recall before?
  • Precisely why would you hire a personal injury attorney in Rhode Island that does not have experience with the Saturn SKY recall?
  • Are you wanting a Saturn SKY attorney in Rhode Island?
  • Would you just like to discuss your choices with your lawsuit regarding the Saturn recall on your SKY convertible?
  • Should you need to review with a legal representative your law suit on the SKY convertible ignition switch recall in Rhode Island?