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Saturn SKY Ignition Switch Recall in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

  • Saturn will switch out the ignition switches in all of the 2007 Saturn SKY built? Who do we call in Pittsburgh, PA?
  • TSR is the law firm to call for a free consultation on your 2007 Saturn SKY recall personal injuries in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Why didn’t they fix my car with the prior recall on the SKY convertible?
  • Is it safe to drive my 2007 Saturn SKY in Pittsburgh, PA?
  • Just how many drivers were killed prior to the recall from Saturn?
  • Should we make an appointment to take care of my 2007 Saturn SKY for the ignition recall?
  • Is there a good reason that the car insurance company is wanting to buy my Saturn SKY after the car accident in Pittsburgh?
  • Exactly why were these ignition switches continued to be created after Saturn knew of the problems?
  • How can we know if this the Saturn SKY recall has been fixed in Pittsburgh, PA for our car?
  • Will Saturn be mandated to pay injured parties for damages in Pittsburgh?
  • Did this really take several years for Saturn to make the recall on the ignition switch issues on the Saturn SKY?
  • How is it possible that Saturn replicated the problem in tests, but elected not to recall the ignition switch?