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Saturn SKY Ignition Switch Recall in Oklahoma

  • Is the solution not to have nearly anything on my key chain to avoid problems with the ignition switch in my Saturn SKY?
  • Did it truly take several yrs for Saturn to make the recall on the ignition switch problems on the SKY convertible?
  • When did NHTSA find out of the problems with the Saturn SKY?
  • I used to own a 2007 Saturn SKY and was in a car accident when the I lost power several years ago, do I have a case?
  • Why didn’t they fix my car with the last recall on the SKY convertible?
  • Do I need to consult a lawyer or attorney in Oklahoma in regards to my personal injury with my 2007 Saturn SKY losing power?
  • Should you need to review with a lawyer or attorney your law suit on the Saturn SKY ignition switch recall in Oklahoma?
  • If you have been the victim of a car accident in one of these recalled models that you believed was triggered by the defect and experienced a personal injury, either as a driver or passenger, should we seek medical attention as soon as possible?