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Saturn SKY Ignition Switch Recall in Hawaii

  • Exactly what are the dangers of operating a SKY convertible with a bulky keychain in Hawaii?
  • Should we try to keep my SKY or give it to the car insurance company if it triggered a crash in Hawaii?
  • Should I make a scheduled time to take care of my Saturn SKY for the ignition recall?
  • How is it possible that Saturn replicated the problem in testing, but chose not to recall it?
  • Will Saturn be fined financially in addition to the 700K vehicles for which it will remove and replace the faulty ignition switch in Hawaii?
  • Why did Saturn not order dealers to install the modification on unsold Saturn SKYs or caution new buyers of a complications with the ignition switch in Hawaii?
  • If your hurt in an automobile wreck involving a Saturn SKY in Hawaii, who might you contact?
  • Precisely why does the auto insurance agency want to settle my car accident so fast with my Saturn SKY?
  • Is the solution not to have anything on my key chain to avoid problems with the ignition switch in my SKY?
  • It said the switch systems did not meet its specifications and could pop out of the run position?
  • Whom should we hire immediately after an auto personal injury accident with a 2007 Saturn SKY in Hawaii?