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Saturn SKY Ignition Switch Recall in Burlington Vermont

  • Why is my auto insurance provider asking if I called an attorney after my auto personal injury with a SKY that lost power?
  • Do you need to review with a personal injury lawyer your law suit on the 2007 Saturn SKY ignition switch recall in Burlington, VT?
  • In Burlington VT, does this Saturn SKY recall impact a friend?
  • Does this recall impact a family member or yourself in Burlington, VT?
  • Has anyone had a recall trouble with your SKY convertible?
  • Do we need a personal injury attorney for a car injury accident in Burlington, VT?
  • Why did this take such a long time for Saturn to make the recall on the Saturn SKY?
  • If Saturn knew of these concerns, what are my grounds for a lawsuit?
  • Just how many men and women were killed prior to the recall from Saturn?
  • Can you take legal action over a recall accident in Burlington VT?
  • Would you like to get a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer at TSR Injury Law to discuss your alternatives after your car accident with your SKY convertible?