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Saturn SKY Ignition Switch Recall in Billings Montana

  • Did Saturn send out to dealers an announcement letting them know to modify existing keys with an insert and to tell automobile owners to take added items off their key chains in Billings for a safety measure?
  • In Billings has anyone ever had these problems before with their Saturn SKY ignition switch?
  • Do we need a lawyer or attorney for a car injury accident in Billings Montana?
  • Have there been additional recalls on the Saturn SKY, preceding the ignition switch recall?
  • How can I tell if this the SKY convertible recall has been fixed in Billings Montana for our automobile?
  • Why did Saturn not make this public recall earlier?
  • Do you need to review with a personal injury lawyer your legal action on the Saturn SKY ignition switch recall in Billings, MT?
  • Do we have to wait for yet another death before Saturn is again required to do something about something so unsafe in Billings MT?
  • I used to own a SKY convertible and was in an accident when the I lost power a number of years ago, do I have a lawsuit?
  • Exactly why is the Saturn SKY being actually recalled?
  • Why didn’t they fix my motor vehicle with the last recall on the SKY?
  • Is it correct that you can lose power steering and brakes due to complications with the ignition switch on our Saturn SKY near Billings?
  • If Saturn knew of these issues, exactly what are my grounds for a lawsuit?