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Saturn SKY Ignition Switch Recall in Atlanta Georgia

  • Have malfunctioning ignition switches been linked to accidents and are they the main reason for the recall in Atlanta, GA?
  • Just how many men and women were killed preceding the recall from Saturn?
  • How can we know if this the Saturn SKY recall has been fixed in Atlanta, GA for our automobile?
  • Would you like to get a free consultation with a lawyer at TSR to discuss your choices after your car accident with your SKY convertible?
  • I used to own a 2007 Saturn SKY and was in a crash when the I lost power a few years ago, do I have a case?
  • Should we put on the market our Saturn SKY knowing the problems with the ignition switch in Atlanta, GA?
  • Saturn recalls over 700K autos for defective ignition switch, should we sign a release of liability soon after a car crash in Atlanta GA?
  • What are the most ideal options for a case after a personal injury with a Saturn SKY that had air bags that did not deploy in Atlanta, GA?
  • The recall currently covers automobiles for model years 2003-07?
  • What’s wrong with your SKY convertible, did you get injured in Atlanta GA?
  • Having concerns with your Saturn SKY or an accident in Atlanta GA?
  • What is NHTSA saying about the recall of the Saturn SKY?
  • Exactly why were these ignition switches continued to be made after Saturn recognized of the concerns?