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Saturn ION Ignition Switch Recall in Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Exactly why does the insurance agency want to settle my car accident so fast with my Saturn ION?
  • Do we need to wait for an additional fatality prior to Saturn is again obliged to do something about something so unsafe in Tulsa, OK?
  • Do you own a Saturn ION in Tulsa OK?
  • Do I need to consult an attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma in regards to my car accident with my ION sedan losing power?
  • Is the resolution not to have anything on my key chain to avoid issues with the ignition switch in my 2005 Saturn ION red line?
  • The question in Tulsa OK is, precisely why do individuals need to be killed or injured or hurt for the rest of their life, to file a lawsuit versus Saturn?
  • What is NHTSA pointing out about the recall of the Saturn ION?
  • Just how did Saturn conceal the concerns and recall with the ignition switch for 10 years?
  • Should we sell our Saturn ION knowing the issues with the ignition switch in Tulsa OK?
  • How can we know if it the ION sedan recall has been fixed in Tulsa, OK for our car?
  • How many men and women were harmed or injured by having problems with the loss of power in their ION in Tulsa?
  • Can you take legal action over a recall car accident in Tulsa Oklahoma?
  • In the event that you or a families member have been hurt or injured or hurt in an auto wreck with a 2004 Saturn ION in Tulsa?
  • Is it safe to drive my Saturn ION in Tulsa OK?