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Saturn ION Ignition Switch Recall in Sioux Falls South Dakota

  • Who do we hire about the injured people that died in the car accidents from the ION red line ignition switch in Sioux Falls SD?
  • Having issues with your 2004 Saturn ION or an accident in Sioux Falls, SD?
  • The only question is how many people died or were actually injured or hurt because there wasn’t an earlier recall on your ION red line in Sioux Falls?
  • Have there been additional recalls on the Saturn ION, prior to the ignition switch recall?
  • Saturn recalls over 700,000 vehicles for defective ignition switch, should I sign a release of liability following a car crash in Sioux Falls?
  • Will Saturn replace the ignition switches in each of the 2005 Saturn ION they built?
  • Why were these ignition switches continuously be manufactured after Saturn knew of the problems?
  • Which Saturn motor vehicles are affected by the increased recall in Sioux Falls?