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Saturn ION Ignition Switch Recall in Reno Nevada

  • Why did this have to take such a long time for Saturn to make the recall on the 2004 Saturn ION?
  • If your injured in an automobile wreck involving a ION coupe in Reno, NV, whom might you contact?
  • Will Saturn be punished financially in addition to the 700K cars for which it will replace the faulty ignition switch in Reno NV?
  • What is NHTSA pointing out about the recall of the Saturn ION?
  • In Reno has anybody at all ever had these issues before with their Saturn ION ignition switch?
  • Saturn will switch out the ignition switches in every one of the 2003 Saturn ION built? Who do we call in Reno?
  • Did this truly take 10 yrs for Saturn to make the recall on the ignition switch issues on the 2006 Saturn ION coupe?
  • Have you or a family member suffer from personal injuries from driving a 2006 Saturn ION in Reno?
  • Should we try to keep my Saturn ION or give it to the auto insurance company if it caused an accident in Reno?
  • Do you need to review with a lawyer or attorney your legal action on the 2006 Saturn ION coupe ignition switch recall in Reno?
  • Just how much will the repair work cost on my Saturn ION ignition switch be in Reno NV?
  • The recall now covers cars for model years 2003-07?
  • How many more 2003 Saturn ION accidents have gone undetected or misreported in Reno, NV?