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Saturn ION Ignition Switch Recall in New Mexico

  • Was the choice of Saturn not to recall because the very high costs?
  • Is the solution not to have anything on my keychain to prevent issues with the ignition switch in my ION red line?
  • Do we need to try to keep the 2005 Saturn ION after the personal injury car accident in New Mexico?
  • Were you involved in a car accident that the car driver was operating a Saturn ION in NM?
  • Did your air bag not deploy when you were in a personal injury accident with your 2007 Saturn ION?
  • Did NHTSA require the auto companies to go forward with the ignition switch recall on the Saturn ION?
  • Is the Saturn ignition switch defect definitely resulting in the airbags not going off due to the fact that of a heavy keychain in New Mexico?
  • Why did Saturn not make this public recall sooner?
  • What’s wrong with your ION red line, did you get hurt in New Mexico?
  • How is it possible that Saturn replicated the problem in testing, but chose not to recall the ignition switch?
  • Is there a good reason that the car insurance company is wishing to purchase my Saturn ION after the crash in New Mexico?
  • How many 2004 Saturn IONs were involved with the recall of the ignition switch in New Mexico?
  • Saturn is now accused of knowing about it for several years, but not doing anything about the recall for the 2007 Saturn ION coupe?
  • Should we make a scheduled appointment to fix my ION for the ignition recall?