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Saturn ION Ignition Switch Recall in Muskegon Michigan

  • The problem in Muskegon, MI is, precisely why do individuals need to be killed or injured for the rest of their life, to file a lawsuit against Saturn?
  • What is NHTSA pointing out about the recall of the ION coupe?
  • Is there a reason that the insurance company is wanting to purchase my Saturn ION after the personal injury in Muskegon, MI?
  • What’s wrong with your ION coupe, did you get injured or hurt in Muskegon Michigan?
  • Is it safe to operate my Saturn ION in Muskegon MI?
  • Have other people experienced these recall issues in Muskegon?
  • Do we have an ION sedan law suit in Muskegon Michigan?
  • What do you do in the event that your in a car personal injury accident with a 2003 Saturn ION in Muskegon, MI?
  • Why would you employ the services of an attorney in Muskegon, MI that does not have experience with the ION sedan recall?
  • Did Saturn email the dealers a service notice for concerns with the ignition switch?
  • How many 2007 Saturn IONs were actually involved with the recall of the ignition switch in Muskegon?