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Saturn ION Ignition Switch Recall in Minnesota

  • Is there a lawyer or attorney you would highly recommend in Minnesota for a personal injury lawsuit on the Saturn recall of the ignition switch?
  • How many more ION accidents have gone undiscovered or unreported in Minnesota?
  • Is it true that you can lose power steering and brakes because of problems with the ignition switch on our Saturn ION near MN?
  • Why is the 2005 Saturn ION being recalled?
  • Just what did you expect Saturn to do for this recall?
  • Is the resolution not to have nearly anything on my key chain to prevent problems with the ignition switch in my Saturn ION?
  • The recall currently covers autos for model years 2003-07?
  • Are you looking for a Minnesota Saturn ION lawyer?
  • Have many others going through these difficulties in MN?
  • Just how much will the repair service cost on my 2005 Saturn ION sedan ignition switch be in Minnesota?
  • Are you wanting a Saturn ION lawyer or attorney in Minnesota?