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Saturn ION Ignition Switch Recall in Iowa

  • Is it correct that you can lose power steering and power brakes due to problems with the ignition switch on my Saturn ION in Iowa?
  • What are the risks of driving a Saturn ION with a bulky keychain in IA?
  • Do we need a personal injury lawyer for an automotive injury accident in Iowa?
  • Will Saturn remove and replace the ignition switches in all of the Saturn ION they built?
  • Which Saturn cars are affected by the increased recall in Iowa?
  • Do I need to contact an attorney at law in Iowa in regards to my accident with my 2006 Saturn ION losing power?
  • Have others going through these difficulties in Iowa?
  • When did Saturn become aware of the many fatalities before the recall?
  • Why did Saturn not make this public recall quicker?
  • Have there been various other recalls on the Saturn ION, prior to the ignition switch recall?