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Pontiac G5 Ignition Switch Recall in Waukegan Illinois

  • Just what did you anticipate Pontiac to do for this recall?
  • Pontiac is now accused of knowing about it for multiple years, but doing nothing about the recall for the G5 coupe?
  • Is the resolution not to have nearly anything on my keychain to prevent problems with the ignition switch in my G5 coupe?
  • Exactly why didn’t they fix my car with the last recall on the Pontiac G5?
  • How much will the repair service cost on my Pontiac G5 ignition switch be in Waukegan?
  • If your injured or hurt in a car accident involving a Pontiac G5 in Waukegan IL, whom should you call?
  • Can driving on a rough road or hitting a pot hole trigger the ignition switch to malfunction in a 2007 Pontiac G5?
  • Who should we get in touch with immediately after an automobile personal injury accident with a 2007 Pontiac G5 in Waukegan?
  • What are the problems of operating a Pontiac G5 with a heavy keychain in Waukegan, IL?
  • How many individuals were killed preceding the recall from Pontiac?
  • Is there a personal injury attorney you would strongly recommend in Waukegan, IL for a lawsuit on the Pontiac recall of the ignition switch?
  • Why did people have to die before Pontiac started the ignition switch recall issues?
  • Do you have inquiries on the Pontiac recall on your Pontiac G5 in Waukegan IL?