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Pontiac G5 Ignition Switch Recall in Santa Fe New Mexico

  • How did Pontiac cover up the issues and recall with the ignition switch for several years?
  • Will Pontiac be mandated to pay victims for damages in Santa Fe, NM?
  • Exactly why did Pontiac not order dealerships to install the modification on new G5 coupes or caution new buyers of a complications with the ignition switch in Santa Fe NM?
  • Are you looking for a personal injury attorney for your Pontiac recall case for your Pontiac G5 accident in Santa Fe NM?
  • Did you have an automobile crash with a Pontiac G5 in Santa Fe New Mexico where you or others were injured or hurt?
  • Were you involved in an accident that the vehicle driver was driving a 2007 Pontiac G5 in Santa Fe NM?
  • Why did this take NHTSA so long to find the complications with the ignition switch on the G5?
  • Exactly why does the auto insurance agency want our Pontiac G5 after the personal injury accident in Santa Fe?
  • The problem in Santa Fe is, exactly why do individuals need to be killed or hurt for the rest of their life, to file a lawsuit versus Pontiac?