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Chevrolet HHR Ignition Switch Recall in Warren Michigan

  • Why did Chevrolet not make this public recall sooner?
  • Did this really take ten years for Chevrolet to communicate the recall on the ignition switch troubles on the 2007 GM HHR wagon?
  • What are my options for a personal injury lawsuit with General Motors on my Chevy HHR recall in Warren, MI?
  • Are you trying to find an attorney in Warren Michigan to help you with your 2006 General Motors HHR personal injury lawsuit?
  • How many more 2006 GM HHR wagon personal injuries have gone unknown or unreported in Warren, MI?
  • Just why does the insurance agency want my 2006 GM HHR after the crash in Warren, MI?
  • Will Chevrolet switch out the ignition switches in all of the Chevy HHR they built?
  • Who is the best lawyer or attorney to call for damages from a failure with loss of power in my Chevy HHR in Warren MI?
  • It said the switch mechanisms did not meet its specifications and could move out of the locked position?
  • If Chevy knew of these problems, exactly what are my grounds for a law suit?