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Chevrolet HHR Ignition Switch Recall in South Carolina

  • Can operating on a rough road or hitting a pothole trigger the ignition switch to fail in a 2007 GM HHR wagon?
  • What is NHTSA saying about the recall of the HHR?
  • Precisely why would you seek the services of a personal injury attorney in South Carolina that does not have experience with the Chevy HHR recall?
  • Did General Motors deliver to dealers a statement letting them know to modify existing keys with an insert and to tell automobile owners to take added items off their key chains in South Carolina for safety?
  • Exactly why were these ignition switches continued to be made after Chevy recognized of the issues?
  • The only problem is how many drivers died or were injured because there wasn’t an earlier recall on your GM HHR in South Carolina?
  • Would you like to receive a free consultation with a lawyer or attorney at TSR Personal Injury to go over your options after your personal injury accident with your General Motors HHR?
  • Do you have a question or a case on your GM HHR recall near SC?
  • How many more Chevrolet HHR personal injuries have gone unknown or unreported in SC?
  • Just what did you anticipate General Motors to do for this recall?
  • How did Chevrolet cover up the problems and recall with the ignition switch for so many years?
  • When did GM learn of the many fatalities prior to the recall?
  • How can we know if it the Chevrolet HHR recall has been fixed in South Carolina for our vehicle?
  • Where can I get my HHR wagon recall dealt with?