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Chevrolet HHR Ignition Switch Recall in Rhode Island

  • Just what did you anticipate Chevy to do for this recall?
  • Do I need a lawyer for an automotive wreck in Rhode Island?
  • Does this recall impact a family member or yourself in Rhode Island?
  • Did Chevy send out to dealers a bulletin letting them know to modify existing keys with an insert and to tell owners to take extra items off their key chains in Rhode Island for a safety measure?
  • Do you need to discuss with a lawyer or attorney your lawsuit on the Chevy HHR ignition switch recall in Rhode Island?
  • Why did General Motors not order car dealers to install the modification on unsold 2006 Chevy HHRs or advise buyers of a complications with the ignition switch in Rhode Island?
  • Why did GM not make this public recall sooner?
  • When did NHTSA find out of the issues with the HHR?
  • So just what are we dealing with General Motors HHR recall in Rhode Island, do you need a personal injury lawyer?
  • Chevy will switch out the ignition switches in every one of the Chevrolet HHR built? Who do I call in Rhode Island?
  • Why did people have to pass away preceding Chevrolet address the ignition switch recall issues?
  • If you or a families member have been hurt or hurt or injured in an auto crash with a 2007 General Motors HHR wagon in Rhode Island?