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Chevrolet HHR Ignition Switch Recall in Charleston West Virginia

  • Is the solution not to have anything on my keychain to prevent issues with the ignition switch in my GM HHR?
  • Are you looking for a Charleston WV HHR wagon lawyer?
  • If your hurt in an automobile wreck involving a 2006 General Motors HHR in Charleston, who might you call?
  • Did you have an automobile crash with a 2006 Chevy HHR wagon in Charleston West Virginia where you or others were injured or hurt?
  • Did your automobile air bag not deploy when you were in a car accident with your HHR wagon?
  • Why did this take NHTSA so long to discover the issues with the ignition switch on the HHR?
  • Why did General Motors not order car dealers to install the modification on new 2006 General Motors HHRs or advise new buyers of a complications with the ignition switch in Charleston West Virginia?
  • In Charleston has anyone ever had these issues before with their HHR wagon ignition switch?
  • What was the overall number of HHR wagon cars that were recalled?