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Chevrolet Cobalt Ignition Switch Recall in Providence Rhode Island

  • Did General Motors deliver the dealers a service bulletin for concerns with the ignition switch?
  • Should I keep my Cobalt ss or give it to the car insurance company if it triggered an accident in Providence, RI?
  • Do I want to keep the 2006 GM Cobalt ss after the injury accident in Providence, RI?
  • Exactly why is my auto insurance provider asking if I called a personal injury lawyer after my vehicle accident with a 2007 General Motors Cobalt that lost power?
  • What’s wrong with your Cobalt, did you get injured in Providence RI?
  • The only question is how many people died or were hurt because there had not been a quicker recall on your GM Cobalt in Providence RI?
  • Why did people have to die before Chevy dealt with the ignition switch recall issues?
  • Who is one of the best attorney to hire for personal injuries from a failure with loss of power in my Chevy Cobalt in Providence?
  • Can operating a vehicle on a rough road or hitting a pothole lead to the ignition switch to malfunction in a Chevy Cobalt?
  • Exactly why were these ignition switches continued to be fabricated after General Motors recognized of the issues?
  • How is it feasible that Chevy reproduced the problem in testing, but chose not to recall the ignition switch?