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Chevrolet Cobalt Ignition Switch Recall in Oklahoma

  • Why did Chevy not order dealers to install the modification on new Chevy Cobalt’s or notify buyers of a complications with the ignition switch in Oklahoma?
  • Why does the insurance company want to settle my crash so fast with my Chevrolet Cobalt?
  • Should we try to keep my 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt coupe or give it to the auto insurance agency if it caused an accident in Oklahoma?
  • What is NHTSA sharing about the recall of the Chevrolet Cobalt?
  • Did your vehicle air bag not deploy when you were in a car accident with your Cobalt ss?
  • Was General Motors too slow-moving in the safety recall on the Cobalt ss, which led to at least about ten deaths?
  • What’s wrong with your Chevrolet Cobalt, did you get hurt in OK?
  • TSR is the law firm to contact for a free consultation on your 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt recall injuries in OK.
  • Was the decision of General Motors not to recall due to the high costs?
  • Is your Cobalt vehicle affected by the recall in Oklahoma?
  • I used to own a Chevrolet Cobalt and was in an accident when the I lost power a couple of years ago, do I have a case?
  • Have there been other recalls on the Cobalt ss, prior to the ignition switch recall?
  • Is it correct that you can lose power steering and brakes because of problems with the ignition switch on my General Motors Cobalt near Oklahoma?
  • What are my options for a legal action with Chevrolet on my General Motors Cobalt recall in OK?