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Chevrolet Cobalt Ignition Switch Recall in Greenville South Carolina

  • Were you involved in an accident that the driver was driving a 2005 General Motors Cobalt in Greenville SC?
  • Has anyone had a recall problem driving your 2005 Chevy Cobalt coupe?
  • Does this recall impact a family member or yourself in Greenville South Carolina?
  • Would you like to go over your choices with your lawsuit regarding the Chevy recall on your Chevrolet Cobalt?
  • Will General Motors switch out the ignition switches in each of the Chevrolet Cobalt they built?
  • Did NHTSA require the automobile manufacturers to go forward with the ignition switch recall on the Chevrolet Cobalt?
  • If Chevrolet knew of these complications, exactly what are my grounds for a personal injury lawsuit?
  • Who do we contact about the injured people that died in the car accidents from the 2005 General Motors Cobalt ignition switch in Greenville SC?
  • Which General Motors vehicles are impacted by the broadened recall in Greenville SC?
  • It said the switch systems did not meet its standards and could pop out of the run position?