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Chevrolet Cobalt Ignition Switch Recall in Burlington Vermont

  • If your hurt in an automobile accident involving a 2005 General Motors Cobalt in Burlington, who should you contact?
  • Are you wanting a Cobalt attorney in Burlington, VT?
  • How much time has GM known about the recalls?
  • Just how did General Motors hide the issues and recall with the ignition switch for ten years?
  • Did Chevrolet send out to dealers an announcement letting them know to modify existing keys with an insert and to tell automobile owners to take additional items off their key chains in Burlington Vermont for a safety measure?
  • I used to own a Chevrolet Cobalt and was in a car accident when the I lost power several years ago, do I have a lawsuit?
  • Did NHTSA require the vehicle manufacturers to go forward with the ignition switch recall on the Chevrolet Cobalt?